Dairy Can Make Summer Allergies Worse

Does diet matter?

By Scott Laird, ND

Even if you’re not allergic to dairy during the rest of the year, it can be a problem during summertime if you have seasonal allergies to grass, pollen, etc.

Here’s how it works… Dairy causes phlegm to form in most children and adults. That’s just a fact of being human, not necessarily being allergic to dairy. And that can compound the problem if you have summertime allergies.

We see phlegm as a problem and a nuisance, but when ingesting dairy, creating phlegm is what your body is supposed to do! It’s your body’s way of collecting toxins and expelling them — and yes, dairy is a toxin.

But “There are no toxins in my milk,” you may say. “I drink raw, organic milk from grass-fed cattle.” That’s perfect…but only for a grass-fed calf!

Why not horse milk? Cat milk? Maybe a little dog milk? Ridiculous? Yes… and so is drinking milk from any other animal. Unless you’re a calf, your body is not designed to drink the milk of a cow…or a dog, or a cat, or any other animal for that matter.

Look in the mirror, friend. You are a human being. When you were weaned from your mother’s milk (just like any other mammal), your body no longer needed the hormones in milk, and certainly not the hormones in milk from a cow for that matter.

In fact, your body’s supply of the enzyme that breaks down the sugar in milk (lactase) practically disappears from your body after weaning because it is no longer needed. This is why most adult humans are, technically, lactose intolerant even if symptoms go unnoticed or are too minor to be recognized.  Symptoms like “everyday” bloating, gas, or diarrhea are caused by undigested lactose in the small intestine.

Even the purest, most organic, so-called “hormone-free” dairy contains naturally occurring hormones that are only intended to help a calf grow before it is weaned. Milk is, in itself, a means for a baby to get hormones from its mother.

So what does that “hormone-free” label mean? It simply means that no ADDITIONAL hormones have been injected into the cow.  However, naturally occurring hormones are in the cow, and thus in the milk.

A weaned calf does not need milk anymore — and neither do humans. Furthermore, a weaned human certainly doesn’t need mother’s milk from another species. No wonder the adult human body rejects it!

Oh, and here’s the kicker: As long as you keep your immune system preoccupied with fighting off foreign hormones from dairy, it can’t help you with what should be a simple fix for some minor, pollen-induced annoyances each summer.

So, at least for the summer, try taking milk, cream, cheese, yogurt, and butter out of your diet in summer. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with your health and your body’s ability to overcome those pesky annual allergies.

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