How To Repair Your DNA

Modern science is now proving to us what ancient civilizations have always known: There are hundreds of plants that offer healing for anyone who will go back to the basics of the Almighty’s Word — healing that actually repairs DNA.

In fact, there have been at least 12 studies documented which clearly show that dietary factors influence the effectiveness of DNA repair.[i] Furthermore, research within the last few years has found that DNA repair “plays a crucial role in preventing cancer.”[ii]

The truth is, eating the right foods and proper nutritional supplementation has the potential to supercharge your body’s own ability to repair your DNA, and at least 50 genetic-related diseases have responded favorably when the body is fed with essential nutrients.[iii]

A plant-based diet provides the body with the right combination to “turn on” this power, not only in times of healing, but even when you’re healthy. A plant-based diet can go a long way to keeping a person forever safe from the killer diseases that plague the Western world: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.

Most of today’s feared diseases are simply imbalances caused over time, usually due to poor food choices. Food is our fuel; it’s what makes us “go”. Just like choosing the right fuel for your car, choosing what we eat determines whether our body operates the way it is supposed to.

“Choosing the right food is the single, most important health choice we make every day. Right foods heal. Wrong foods cause problems.”

Unfortunately, it’s not always simple to identify what constitutes “good” food. There’s money to be made in the food business and greed tends to cloud the truth. Clever number skewing, missing details and small survey samples can all be used to whitewash nutritional research findings so that they benefit a certain industry or company.

NEXT WEEK… I’ll share an example of how the deception works.

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