What does a cleanse have to do with your faith?

Some health professionals say that a cleanse without an intentional improvement in diet and lifestyle puts one even further behind.

This is because, once you strip away the junk, your body is in pristine condition, meaning that it can now absorb nutrients (and junk) better than ever.

If, after your cleanse, you go right back to pouring bad food into a freshly cleaned body, it’s going to be absorbed into your bloodstream even more efficiently that before, dragging you down even further (and faster).

It’s a lot like the principles the Messiah taught about following Him: Don’t bother if you’re not willing to change your ways.

Have you ever noticed His actions on this matter? He NEVER apologized for demanding repentance (i.e. changing one’s ways). Think about any and every story in the Bible where He was teaching and preaching — not ONCE did He chase after someone who wasn’t willing to live by His example.

If someone wasn’t willing to do what was necessary (like the rich young ruler – Luke 18:18-25), He essentially said, “OK, suit yourself. Good-bye!” Why? Because half-way NEVER cuts it in terms of faith, or good health. If you’re a new creation, you’re a new creation, not a new creation with a new supply of old habits that you have to purge all over again.

That’s not the idea of accepting Him and walking in His ways. And it’s not the idea of a physical cleanse, either.

So, when you cleanse, use the opportunity to change your ways, and make sure to address toxicity and deficiency together.

Use a cleansing method that incorporates concentrated, efficient nutrition that will supercharge your immune system — like a juice fast (a tasty combo is 25-50% carrot juice, plus apple, celery, and spinach juices) which includes a ton of nutrients to feed your body what it needs, plus chelating action to gather and to expel the junk at the same time.

Once the body is armed with the nutrition it needs to not only maintain good health, but has an extra boost of power to tackle and expel stubborn toxins that have been hanging around for far too long (usually lurking in fat cells, your arteries, and in your digestive system), your body begins to heal itself.

If you haven’t seen self-healing like this before, it’s because your body was simply not ready. It was not armed with what it needed to deploy the troops into battle..

NEXT WEEK… raw food vs cooked food!

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